Yesterday I wrote about my theme for the year. (Catch it here if you missed it!) Underneath that theme is a whole list of goals and whenever a goal is set, there has to be a willingness in both heart and mind to reach it. Take a look at the goals you have set either for this year or any long term goals that you are working on. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What are you willing to do to make x happen?
2. Are you willing/able to wait?
3. What are you willing to give up/sacrifice?
4.  What are you willing to work hard for?
5.  How far are you willing to stretch yourself?
6.  What walls are you willing to knock down?
7. Are you willing to trust God's plan for you?
8.  Are you willing to ask for help/seek help?
9.  Are you willing to try or try something new?
10.  What are you willing to overcome?


  I have no scientific basis for this next statement, only my own life experience and the experiences shared with me by others, but I will guarantee that the only thing that keeps us from ultimate success is our own unwillingness to do what it takes to get there. Even those things that we are really excited about can be sabotaged by underlying fears or barriers. 

   What goals are you working towards this year?  How are you feeling about them? Are they new goals or do you feel like you've been recycling the same ones year to year? Do you spend time praying over your goals/ the things you are working toward?