Training Program for CHOSEN 2017

  Dawn and I have had several requests for what program we are using to train for our half marathons. We have combined several plans into one that has worked really well for us. Last year, we ran a full half marathon TWICE before the actual race day. This was great for me as I had not run a half before and was very nervous about attempting that distance.  We have tweaked a few things for training this year, like adding in hills....lots of hills. The CHOSEN half is run along River Road in New Braunfels, Texas. We call it the Hill Country and this course is all hills. Gorgeous, gorgeous road along a river that flows through heavily wooded hills....but still....lots of hills for these Houston gals. We are also adding in quite a bit of cross training this time to boost our overall level of fitness.

  We officially started training May 28th and race day is November 18th.  I added in seven extra weeks to the beginning of the program for those who need to work their way up to running three miles. For the cross training days, we just look up workouts on Pinterest. You can search 'ab circuits', for example. I do like to record our favorites so that we can do them again. 

  Good luck to all those who are training! Feel free to comment or email if you have any questions about the program!